Plunkett Institute

Plunkett Institute

Better Directors, Better Boards, Better Bussiness

Plunkett Institute

Plunkett’s vision: Combining modern business practice with sound ethical values.

Plunkett Institute

Providing the strategic vision and governance skills to a new generation of Co-op Directors.

Plunkett Institute

Opening doors for future
Co-operative business leaders.

Plunkett Institute

The Plunkett Institute builds on the leadership provided by past generations to develop the skills of future farm business leaders.

Plunkett Institute

Farmers need to learn and develop the skills to provide sound and effective governance to their Co-operatives.

Plunkett Institute

From the Farm to the Boardroom, helping Irish farmers to develop their skills as Directors of leading Agri-Co-operatives.

The Plunkett Institute for Co-operative Governance is dedicated to the establishment and promotion of best practice in Co-operative Governance in Ireland.



ICOS, ICOS Skillnet and the Plunkett Institute deliver comprehensive executive and director training programmes



Membership of the Plunkett Institute is open to members of ICOS Agricultural Co-operatives

There are several membership categories to recognise the levels of experience and training which applicants have attained.

Farmers; do you want to learn more about your co-op? Do you want to contribute to the leadership and decision making for yourself and your neighbours? Do you want to develop your skills and experience as a strategic thinker? Download the Application form here.

  • Junior Member

    The Junior Member category is designed for younger, potential future leaders, who are currently not part of the representative structure. The category provides aspiring leaders with an introduction to their industry, to Co-operatives, and to representation and leadership.

  • Associate Member

    The Associate Member Category represents newly elected Board members of eligible co-ops as well as experienced members of other representative structures within those co-ops. Members of this category are developing their skills and experience as Directors or aspiring Directors of their Societies.

  • Full Member

    Full Members of the Institute are Experienced Directors of Eligible Societies who have undergone appropriate training and continue to do so. Full members are demonstrating their commitment to good governance by continually developing their skills and abiding by established best practice.

  • Fellowship

    Full members who have provided extraordinary leadership and service to their follow members may be invited to become Fellows of the Institute. The small number of Fellows which will exist demonstrates the esteem with which they are held by their peers

  • Honorary Life Membership

    On permanent retirement from service as a Director of an Eligible Society, individual Members who have served their fellow members particularly well, and who have acquired a high level of valuable experience, may be granted Honorary Life Membership. This category allows those individuals to continue to contribute to the development of future leaders through mentoring and advice.

  • Corporate Membership

    Corporate Membership is offered to Eligible Societies who accept the standards for good governance adopted by the Institute and who agree and undertake to apply those standards within their own governance structures and processes. Those Societies also require that all elected Directors become full members of the Institute.