ICOS Director Competency Framework

The ICOS Skillnet competency model is a framework for defining the skill and knowledge requirements applicable to functions across the co-operative sector. It is a collection of competencies that jointly define successful job performance across the Dairy, Livestock and Agri Business Sectors and aims to set out the minimum standards required for specific job functions.

Here are some of the ways that making use of the competency model can benefit your co-operatives:

  • It sets a concrete direction for workforce performance that aligns with organisational goals and strategies.
  • It enables HR to have a concrete understanding of all employee abilities and skills.
  • It enables HR and Training to more accurately identify learning & development (L&D) needs.
  • It allows employees to take ownership of the skills and behaviours required of them in their roles, allowing them to choose what to focus on depending on their area of work, the level of accountability they may have in their role, and their career development ambitions.
  • It empowers the co-operative to keep track of what skills employees have, so that strategy and planning can work towards what future skills may be needed to sustain your co-operative.
  • It provides a consistent and fair system of measurement for performance evaluation.