The Plunkett Institute for Co-operative Governance is dedicated to the establishment and promotion of best practice in Co-operative Governance in Ireland.

The Institute’s principal focus is on the elected members of Boards of ICOS Co-operatives, and Board officers. The following is a list of the functions of the Institute:

  • Act as an expert body for the governance of Co-operative organisations
  • Establish a set of governance principles for Co-operative Societies in Ireland
  • Act as a network through which members of the Boards of co-operative organisations could protect and promote their interests
  • Provide recognised training and education for its members
  • Hold a register of those who are considered to have reached a particular level of competence with regard to acting as a Board Member of a Co-operative Society
  • Represent the interests of the Boards of Irish co-operative organisations internationally
  • Act as an organisation which provides mutual support to its members
  • Establish structures to ensure compliance with the Institutes set of Governance principles, including disciplinary procedures.